Caliber8 Complete Bundle


“This is the most versatile multi tool I ever came across and I have a few. The crescent wrench and flashlight did it for me”

 “I sometimes think back when I was stranded with no jumper cables.This kit is a must have”

“Never knew hanging pictures would be this easy, no measuring, no stray holes…”



This combination of the Exactac Picture Hanging Tool, Caliber8 Compact Toolkit, and the Caliber8 Roadside Ready Kit takes care of all your general tool needs. From house to automotive to home decor, the Caliber8 Complete Bundle has got you covered.

Exactac Picture Hanging Tool plus


     . Utility knife

     . 2 Phillips and flathead screwdrivers

     . Mini socket set

     . Box of wood and machine screws

     . Need Nose pliers

     . Wire cutters

     . Driver set with a flat head, Phillips, and Torx-style bits

Collapsible funnel

10-gauge jumper cables

Warning triangle

Gas siphon


50 PSI tire gauge

Rubber grip gloves

Flashlight with 2 AAA batteries

Durable 600D reflective carrying case


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