About Us

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Caliber8 is an online, one-stop-shop destination for DIY projects that equips beginners, professionals, and DIY lovers with the tools and education to use them properly.

Caliber8 is founded by Dillon Bruno. Dillon Bruno is a self-proclaimed "tool-guy", DIY enthusiast, and inventor of Exactac. His love for tools and machinery began at an early age while learning how to fix things around the house with his Father.

Through his love for tools, gadgets, and home decor, one day Dillon began thinking about how he could create a picture hanging tool that could hang a piece of art or a photograph without injuring your fingers, with precision and accuracy. Soon after the Exactac picture hanging tool was born.

As a digital DIY content creator, Dillon started a YouTube channel in 2019 with a passion for helping ordinary people learn how to fix things around the house. In just a few short years, the Caliber8 Tools & DIY YouTube channel has amassed over half a million views and ten thousand followers.