Home Improvement Services & Workshops

Caliber 8 offers quarterly virtual workshops for DIY enthusiasts to learn best practices and proper procedures to manage various projects in your home or office.  All workshops are facilitated by Dillon Bruno in a live virtual setting and include worksheets and Q&A. You will finally get hands-on training and support for your favorite DIY projects from a professional who cares.

Workshops may include classes on, but not limited to the following:

1. How to Install Tile

2. How to Install Blinds

3. How to Install Ceiling Fans

4. How to Install Doorbells

5. How to Install baseboards

6. How to Hang Curtains

7. How to Hang Wallpaper

8. How to Install ExacTac

9. How to Paint a Feature Wall

10. How to Install Electric Wall Plates


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